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Your air ducts are an important part of your property, and we’re here to ensure they function exactly as they should. Our experienced team of cleaning technicians combines expertise, skills, and the latest cleaning equipment to keep your air ducts free of debris, dust, and other hazards.

We provide cleaning services for air ducts, dryer vents, and condenser coils. Our air duct cleaning services also include sanitization. Our end goal is to leave your spaces clean and healthy for you.

Our services are available for residential and commercial clients across the Baton Rouge Area in Louisiana. Let us help you optimize your indoor air quality today!

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OUR Services

At DuctServ, we offer an extensive range of heating and cooling services for residential and commercial buildings, including large homes, apartments, retail stores, restaurants, and office buildings. Our services include everything from installation to maintenance and repairs for HVAC units of all sizes.

Repairs can get your AC unit back up and running and restore your humidity levels during the summer months. Save money on your energy bills by getting issues fixed promptly.

The average AC unit lasts 10-25 years, depending on wear and tear. If your unit needs to be replaced, entrust professionals to get your new unit installed properly.

During the winter months, your unit can work overtime to maintain comfortable temperatures. Make sure to take proactive measures to repair your unit before bad weather hits.

If it’s time to get a new heating system, let our team provide you with recommendations for your needs and install your new unit correctly.

Maintaining your HVAC system can provide you with years of optimal performance and lower energy costs. Make sure you invest in properly cleaning your HVAC systems.

Maintenance of your HVAC systems is important to ensure that your unit is running efficiently and providing your family or customers with comfortable spaces. Be proactive and get on a maintenance schedule to get ahead of issues arising.

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