Over the last several years, our company has built a stellar reputation as one of the leading providers of HVAC services in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Lafayette. We’ve worked with residential clients and commercial clients across various industries, managing their heating, cooling, and general ventilation systems in various capacities.

Not only does our company offer installation and replacements for entire HVAC systems and independent appliances such as heat pumps, but we also offer annual maintenance and regular repairs, working with clients from different industries.

Some industries that we work with include healthcare, commercial businesses, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing plants, production units, and more. Our clients choose us to deliver quality HVAC services across the board, and we’d be honored to be your go-to choice.

HVAC Installation and Maintenance for All Major Industries

It’s essential to choose an HVAC service provider that knows the requirements of your industry and how to deliver the results you need.

Our team will perform a detailed assessment of your industrial or commercial setup and make relevant recommendations based on your heating and cooling needs, the scale, and the size of your operations and facility.


We follow the most stringent installation criteria and requirements, all zoning and regulatory standards for quality services, and ensure that your systems are fully-operational, optimized, and efficiently running based on your setup.

Work with us for industrial repairs and appliance installations, and all kinds of system upgrades for your industry. Reach out to us to learn more.

DuctServ is Serving Clients Across Various Industries

We’re committed to working with clients across several industries, fulfilling all their heating and cooling needs through our quality services. We’ve had experience setting up heating systems, air conditioning systems, and heat pumps, providing complete HVAC repairs and replacements, and improving ventilation, air quality, air pressure, and flow.

Some of the industries that our company serves include the following:

To learn more about our industrial-level or commercial HVAC services, please contact our team for a consultation and assessment or inspection. We will provide you with a complete breakdown of the services you require, including system upgrades or replacements, repairs, maintenance, and more.

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