Air Conditioning Services In Baton Rouge

Air conditioners are essential components in households; they make your time indoors comfortable and convenient. Ensuring your air conditioner is in top-notch condition can help you save money, effort, and time in the long run. And, of course, we know there’s nothing more frustrating than a broken and malfunctioning air conditioner. This is why our team is just a call away to take care of all your air conditioning woes.

Here’s a rundown of all the air conditioning services we offer in Baton Rouge.

Air Conditioner Installation and Replacements

Is your air conditioner not working how it used to? Is it causing hikes in your energy bills? It might be time to consider getting a new unit! A new air conditioner will be more efficient and can make your life easier. But it’s important to choose the right one and have it installed properly so that it works perfectly for you!

Our expert technicians can come over, make the necessary inspections and suggestions and take care of all your air conditioner installations in Baton Rouge!


Air Conditioner Repair

If your air conditioner isn’t cooling like it used to, it could mean that it is in need of repairs. Let our Baton Rouge team come over and have a look to diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs quickly. We try to ensure that any required minor repairs are always done on the same visit to reduce downtime.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air conditioners are machines, and machines need maintenance from time to time. Our maintenance efforts will not only ensure optimal performance on a daily basis, but they will also help you extend your air conditioner’s lifespan! Also, a clean and well-maintained air conditioner uses less energy, ensuring lower energy bills!

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Why Choose DuctServ

At DuctServ, we have a team of experienced technicians and experts that you can rely on for all your air conditioning needs. We offer air conditioning services for residential and commercial spaces and can help you with installations, repairs, and other maintenance tasks related to your air conditioner.

Before and After Air Duct Cleaning in Baton Rouge